Tuesday, May 30, 2006

That last picture?

Was actually about my poker game tonight over t' Adam's house. Tonight could not have sucked more if it were the Great Sucking Holiday "Sucksmas" from Suckyland.

I bet when I shoulda folded, folded when I shoulda bet. Even when I was the dealer - which came really, really early in the evening - I flipped over cards, misdealt, and generally irritated the regular poker players (see Wikipedia entry under "Crack Whores").

Grrrr. I know this is probably not worth blogging about, but if you play enough, it almost becomes a self-esteem thing. And, I'm usually pretty good, as I'm a bald-faced liar. However, tonight I couldn't have even sold my best lie to my mother. (Which is, of course, "No, Mom, I'm not drunk!")

And, this post sucks, too. NO, no, it does. Stop it. I don't want your pity. I'm going to bed before anything cataclysmic happens.


Karla said...

Tell ya what: You and I will play poker next I see you on the kiddie table in the corner. We'll take the short bus over to the game. It'll be fun. We can drool and everything.

Cuz I? I SUCK at poker. You are WAY better than me, and frankly, you guys intimidate the HELL out of me when I've played with you....

Badger said...

Um, dude? I still need a cheat sheet when I play poker, because I can't remember what beats what. So you're way ahead of me!

Lee said...

Aw honey, don't feel so bad -- at least your husband won! (Heh-heh.)