Sunday, May 28, 2006

Death and the Maiden, Part II

On the drive out to Hamilton Pool, The Man and I saw a dead deer. He murmured something about it to me so as not to excite the older girl too much. But, it came out later in the day that he and I had, in fact, seen this large, dead, animal, and had failed to alert her.

The Older Girl: "On the way home, will you show it to me?"

Me: "Well, if I see was kind of hard to see, we'll be on a highway and have to go fast, I don't know if I remember exactly where it was, blah blah BS stuff."

TOG: *sigh* "I really hope I get to see it."

Me: "Hmmmm....maybe if you're VERY LUCKY."

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Milena said...

When out in the hill country for Memorial Day weekend, we encountered maybe 3 or 4 deceased deer in various stages of bloat. There was one near our cabin that we passed frequently. Older girl was obsessed. She announced, "When you hear me say 'beep,' that's when I see the deer." True to promise, a long, shrill beeeeeep was emitted upon sight of said bloated creature. What a fun game! I think I'll do that from now on. A low beep for an armadillo. A soft beep for a bird. An extra loud beep for a stranded H2.