Thursday, May 25, 2006

In which Mags drinks, because....

Da na na na, da na na na na na....School's....Out....For...SUMMER!


OK, for ten weeks. But, if you'd like to look at things from the perspective of a mother staying at home with a six-year-old and a two-year-old and little funds with which to pack them into assorted enriching (and yes, distracting) activities, well, then, forever doesn't seem so far away from the truth.

But, I bitch not. I intend to sleep as late as my children will allow me, to splash in pools with reckless abandon, and to push the Austin "free kids' movies" envelope as long as they'll let me in.

(Ah, hell, I was going to try to figure out how to post a link to the Alamo Drafthouse's summer movie program in the text. There were margaritas earlier, did I mention?) The bed beckons, so here's the link, not in cool texty form:

and here's the free movies at South Lamar:

There are plenty of opportunities to take the chillun to the library for fun (?? Oh, yes, I mean DISTRACTING) shows this summer. The schedule is posted thusly here:

But tonight, ah, for tonight...there is only the remnants of the happy hour buzz and the heartburn from too much chips and salsa. And there will be sleep, and no expectation of early morning pushing, prodding, cajoling, or threatening the older girl to kindly light a fire under it, will ya?

See you at the pool, chickens. (I'm the matronly looking one with two kids. Crap.)

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Karla said...

1. YOU ARE NOT MATRONLY. YOu remind me of Marilyn Monroe, always have.

2. To do a hypertext:

When you are in the blog-making window in blogger, you'll see a little menu at the top. There is a green button with what looks like a paper clip on it? Highlight the text you want to use as your link word and then clik on the button. Enter the URL of the website you wanna link to and hey presto! Linky goodness.....

Now here i go doing your iPod meme. Oy.