Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Analyze This

One of the recurring dreams I'm having lately is about houses.

It's always my house in the dream, but it's not my ACTUAL house, which is smallish, rather nondescript and single-story. When I dream this dream, I have sold my current house and have moved into this other place. I seem to usually be taking someone on a tour of my new house.

The details of this house vary, but it seems that it is either multi-leveled or with multiple, curving hallways. On this tour that I'm giving, it is occurring to me that I have perhaps made a serious mistake in selling my (real) house to purchase this new place. It's clearly bigger, and I seem to be trying to talk myself into believing that the floor space alone was a good reason to buy it. And, a few of the rooms seem OK; brightly lit, with decent furniture.

But, as I'm touring the place with this person, I am suddenly very aware that there are places where the paint is peeling, and there are boards showing through the drywall. There's been water damage, and the floorboards are spongy and smell of mold.

In one incarnation of the dream, I go down to the basement, and there are rooms down there that someone left without emptying, with, like, old beer cans and cigarette butts and dirty laundry that have sat there for years, untouched. In another version, I am walking down one of the twisty hallways, thinking, "Geez, who thought up this floor plan? I don't think I even know where this one GOES!" And, when I get to the end, it's another of these shabby, shitty rooms.

The rooms aren't scary, exactly, but they are very - um, unsettling. It's not like there's a murderer or a dead body in's more like I get this sinking feeling when I open the door, like, "Oh, crap, that room needs a LOT of cleaning up." I always kind of start to pick up a few things, and then it's just too much for me, and I leave the room. And that's about it.

I'm sure this is all very fraught with symbolism. Anyone do dream analysis? I'm sure it's something along the lines of the house being a symbol for the self, and that I'm probably need to cleanse my psyche of all my buried, inner trauma.

I really think I just need to clean my house, though.

The other dream I keep having is of kissing people I know. Co-workers, acquaintances, old friends, current friends. There does not seem to be a correlation between whom I kiss and who (in the real world) that I actually find attractive. It's not really passionate kissing, either, and it doesn't lead to anything sexual. (And, oddly, I'm never cheating on Lee, as it's either just fine with him, or it's like before I met him.) It's just kissing that flummoxes me, even in my dream. I've even kissed girls in my dreams, and I'm super-boringly straight in real life.

It really doesn't pain me, I suppose, but I always feel somewhat guilty in the morning, not to mention a little weird the next time I see that person. (Last night's was a poker person. And no, I won't tell you who.)

Help me, doc! Am I a dream lip-slut?

And ZOMG, oh no she did NOT say that!


(As found over at Teetering Between, an awesome blog I need to add to my roll to the right.)


Karla May said...

Oh. Oh my gawd. She DID really say that. Wow.

Now about that dream...

Anonymous said...

Margaret you are a wonderfully complex person! This dream probably means more than one thing to you. Therefore there are obviously two equally valid, non-mutually exlusive interpretations, succinctly summarized as follows:

1. You have been stepping out on the Man and now realize that the Bad Boy you’ve been seeing is really a crappy character under the fa├žade.

2. You are already disenchanted with Obama and secretly feel that maybe the old regime wasn’t all that bad after all.

Ok just messing with ya. Maybe it is the cat-infested house. Or maybe you are like almost everyone else, occasionally feeling that the grass is greener when deep down you know that it probably isn’t.


Sinda said...

Aw, thanks for the props! I'm still cracking up over that one.

I know nothing about dream analysis, but I will take a stab at it (what, you asked, right?): I say it's Obama, the new administration in general, which we all prayed for and couldn't believe we actually got. NOW, we're being overwhelmed with all of the crises facing us, facing him, facing them, and we're unsure. We still believe, and hope, but realize it's a far more daunting task than anyone knew, and that we probably don't know the half of it yet. How many more rooms are buried in that basement???

Hey, maybe I have knack for this...!

Lee said...

I think it just means you're a slut with a trashy house. :-p

Po said...

My stab at it--
I think the archetypes you are dealing with go way beyond the current crisis. I think they span decades.

"ACTUAL" house = your true self as you perceive it to be, probably tied to your pre-motherhood, pre-professional years.

New house = a symbol of all the complexities of your present life-- a high-level professional job, motherhood, etc.

Greater floor space = larger salary, but also a larger void to fill

peeling paint, etc. = areas of your job that you feel you are not adequately addressing or are in some other way out of control

Unpleasant hidden rooms-- parts of your job (which looks so good on paper) that you were not expecting; or the aspects of parenting that are not what you expected and that no one could have prepared you for.

Kissing dreams

maybe kissing is a way of giving in to a perceived threat-- kind of like a kig running AT the monster instead of away from it.

Just a guess.