Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Crying in my living room

Hey, y'all...you know, Michelle?

She's my first lady.

And those are some damn cute kids set to set up some bunk beds in the West Wing.

Sigh. OK, I will chill now.


Jaye Joseph said...

And they're getting a PUPPY!

Karla said...


I bounced out of bed and ran to turn on the TV. 338 electoral votes to 156.


Sarah is GONE!

peevish said...

The perfect American first family.

My husband turned to me while we were watching the returns and pinched my arm hard just so I would do the same to him. You know, to make sure it was real.

Anonymous said...

Amen Kara!

Wow it is such a relief that that piece of work is no longer in line for the presidency, as well as the guy who thought she was a suitable choice for the job.

Mags, you should feel vindicated in your choice of candidates. If people like me had had my way, Clinton would have been the nominee, and quite frankly, she probably would have lost.