Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Oh my GOD, I am SO NERVOUS about tonight, Y'ALL!!!!

I cannot get ANY work done. Seriously. It's like 10:30 AM - I've been at work for TWO AND A HALF HOURS - and cannot point to ANYTHING that I've accomplished.

(Except, um, a blog post. Is that something?)

I'll check back in later. Maybe I'll live-blog the election results. Unless I am attempting to HANG MYSELF.


Lee said...

Speaking of live-blogging the results, everyone please be aware that Mag's husband (that's me), along with The Austin Chronicle's other writers, will be doing just that throughout today and tonight at http://austinchronicle.com/election.

We'll be covering everything, but as is usual for us, our coverage will be heavily local, so if there is a Texas House race or somesuch that you're particularly interested in, then we'll take care of you.

Karla said...

Um...hello? Imagine how i feel. I have the choice of staying up til like, (2am at the very very earliest) find out what the hell is up or waiting until the morning.

I'm DYING here.

my word verif is demparb....hmm.

JoyBugaloo said...

Feeling your pain, sister! But feeling MIGHTY hopeful!!