Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A sucky Fourth

Dang, the Fourth of July cake was kind of a bust. The icing was awesome and it looked very pretty, but the cake itself was dry. I don't know how that's possible, as it had half a pound of butter and a cup of sour cream in it, but dry it was.

Maybe a better baker than I has a suggestion on what may have happened, or how to improve it? Maybe I should have added some milk or buttermilk or something? The batter looked good, and it wasn't burned or anything like that.

All around, this is not turning out to be the holiday that I had planned. The cake was underwhelming, our planned annual trip to Schlitterbahn today is officially rained out, and - while not actually raining at present - it's just too damned gloomy outside to muster up the energy to do much else besides hoist the coffee cup to the lips and watch "Spongebob" with the kids.

Bleah. You?
The upside of the rain:

Look at my grass! And it's JULY!

And, the downside:

There are little fungi growing on my back porch.

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Milena said...

Trying to get a 3 and 6 yr old to accept the harsh reality that the neighborhood parade was cancelled was a challenge, particularly since we'd been talking excitedly about A riding her big-girl bike and S riding her tricycle (both firsts for this annual event.) At least the boy scout fundraising pancake breakfast in the bay of a nearby fire station wasn't cancelled.