Saturday, July 28, 2007

Feelin' down-n-dirty, feeling kind of mean

Fill my eyes with that... double vision!

It hasn't gone away yet - and neither has the dizziness - even with prescription Atavert, Valium, and a motion-sickness patch behind my ear.

I can't read the letters on the computer screen to do a decent post, and it's making me kind of sick to even try.

This sucks ass.


Bookhart said...

Did you not go to P-town? Damn, Mags, this is awful.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this episode subsides soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey good lookin' -

Cheers from the land of naps and nappies. Geez, here's hoping you rebound from Meniere's Disease soon. It's like the bed spins after a wild night out - without the wild night out, unfortunately. Or maybe this is just the delayed effect of ... Schlitterbahn, was it? Only in Austin.

Git yourself right, girl, but fast. And this best not be interfering with watching Big Love tomorrow night. It is the BEST part of Monday.