Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Salute to the OG

It was seven years ago yesterday that OG (the older girl, or "original gangsta," whichever you prefer) was born. (I'd have posted last night, but we were at Chuck E. Cheese's, bee-yotches, which is the only restaurant in my hell.)

Oh, darling, how we've grown together, you and I. You were my first real challenge, no? Through you, I see who I was, and who my family was and is; you're the walking phenotype of the clan of Mags. I can't tell you how sure I was, growing up, that I knew far better than my parents did how to raise a child right.

You've made me see more clearly how difficult it is to impress your will upon a human being, even a small one. But, as is true of all challenging things, the joys you bring are incomparable.

Happy birthday, my sweetie, my force of nature.

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Lee said...

In retrospect, her flipping off of the changing table backwards was a hint of things to come. I'm going to hook her up to our electrical system and take us off of Austin Energy's power grid.