Saturday, February 24, 2007


Because this is apparently what old people do, and I'm getting old, I feel I must need to inform you of the health status of my family members and close friends.

Kerry - She's doing very well. They found it was Hodgkins Lymphoma (not the Non-Hodgkin's kind, which they originally thought it was). It is very treatable, and I' ve been reading some interesting blogging confirming this whole thing, so I feel confident that she will have a quick and speedy recovery, and will just nip this whole drama in the bud. (It's not really her style, anyway.)

YG - recovering from strep. Sticky eyes, whiny/tired behavior, though not SICK sick anymore. (Yes, I'm about done with that.) Taking amoxicillin twice daily.

OG - Now taking Zoloft (for OCD-like behaviors) and Adderall (for ADHD). Behaviors are improved, we think. Although she's still pretty hyper, she hasn't been getting in her emotional "lockdown" state quite as often, and has been generally more fun to hang out with. We're headed to the OT for a sensory integration disorder evaluation on Monday. Also taking amoxicillin for a strep infection twice daily.

The Man - fine, but probably drunk right this second, as he's off with Dave and the boys for a last night out before Dave's impending new fatherhood. He's so going to hurl when he gets home, just like he did after last week's night out with the boys.

Curbie/Kirby the new kitten: Spazzy. Not the sweet little shelter waif that I thought I brought home. He's actually a little guttersnipe, as it turns out, who has marched in and is now trying to intimidate my 12 and 13-year-old cats. (Whoever said that about babies and kittens being so cute so we don't kill them? So right.)

Sneezing a bit; god knows what he brought in from the STREET, little hobo (though he is ostensibly vaccinated and tested negative for FIV/FELV). Also taking amoxicillin twice daily.

Molly (my cat): Sneezing herself, runny nose, a little blood around her mouth. Yet another animal ER trip last night, where she got an antibiotic shot for whatever it is that this little fucker has given her. She ate last night, but isn't again tonight. Fuck. Also taking amoxicillin twice daily.

Hank and Patsy (the other cats): Distancing themselves absolutely as far as possible from this new kitten development. They don't seem hostile, exactly; they seem as if they both agreed that, if they never look at it, it does not exist.

Myself: I'm fine! Thanks for asking! Need amoxicillin? Got a fridge full...

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Lee said...

Let the record show that I did not throw up after drinking with Dave and the gang.