Monday, December 01, 2008


Well, I got our tree up, anyway.

I know, it's sad, my children have to live with a four-foot-tall tree. But, damn it, though she has improved IMMENSELY, I just cannot trust this damn dog with the peeing just yet, ever since the Couch Incident (which turned out well, but still).

Maybe you'll get a big tree to play under next year, chilluns. For this year, y'all can just hang out on the bare hardwood floor, like usual.

Actually, I really want a big shiny silver aluminum tree; the kind with the rotating color light shining up on it. But, I've been pricing those things on Craigslist, and they go for $300 in good condition now. Plus shipping!

I suppose I need to wrap my mind around buying one in like June, so as hopefully to get a more reasonable price, but I am just not that person. I am very in the moment, like I always have been, and have a hard time thinking that way. Like I know people who have their Christmas shopping done already, whereas I only very reluctantly started yesterday. (No, wait, I did buy two cheap Wii games at Target a while back, and stashed them away. Somewhere. See, I am not good at this.)

So, if anyone sees a reasonably-priced aluminum tree for sale somewhere, let me know. I am feeling the serious need for a slow, colored strobelight in my living room.


goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

Po said...

Lovely tree, Mags! At least you have yours up! Ours in still in a box somewhere. Plus, yours plays such jolly music!

Po said...

Gorgeous tree! I like it!

Now write something else.

a beer sort of girl said...

I found 2 I REALLY really want. One is your basic artificial tree, but in black, and the other is shiny pink horridness. The Husband says no to both. But a silver one would be awesome - look for specials after X-Mas!

Stacey said...

I remember the thing I wanted to tell you... there is an aluminum tree farm up behind Toy Joy at the weekends. I think they are about 100 bucks or so. I got a cute red one last year from urban outfitters for about 30. No rotating light sets though... although the fake logs with fake tinsel flame are enticing.