Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dare I buy these Christmas cards?

I saw this hanging on Shirl's fridge, when we were at his Lights in the Heights party in Houston last night:

I want them SO BADLY.

The party? Most excellent. Except for the part where I fell through a hole in the porch up to my knee, therein causing my entire right shin to resemble nothing so much as an eggplant. (Was alcohol and/or my inherent clumsiness involved? You bet! However, in fairness, there was also a HOLE IN THE PORCH. )

I'll write about all that tomorrow, if'n I get my six dozen Pignoli cookies made in time.


Shirl said...

Sorry about your run-in with the deck. It's Ike damage.

Connelly said...

I receive a deliciously mischievous Xmas card every year from my "twin brother of a different mother" John and his lovely wife Marsha and the best ones go up on the 'fridge. Glad you enjoyed them. As for the "falling through a hole in the deck", I claim partial responsibility. Mainly, for the amount of alcohol in your body at the time, but then again, that IS the Shot Meister's job, no?