Wednesday, September 26, 2007

East Bound and Down

I'm off for a long weekend, folks. (Just me, the rest of 'em are staying home. We wonder in what condition the house will be in when we get back. We really, really do.)

Can you guess where I'm going?

Wait, I'll give you some more hints...

What, you still don't know? OK, one last one:

Oops... that's David Boreanaz naked. My bad. How'd that one get in there?

Oh, wait...I know!

He's from....PHILADELPHIA!


Lee said...

Um, honey? I said you could go visit Erin, not David Boreaniz. Let's try to keep our pants on, shall we? Or: Stay focused on cheesesteak, not beefcake.

Connie said...

David is annoyed because you interrupted his bath. (Imagine that in a german accent because that is how I said it)