Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another Suburban Family Morning...

Mags is screaming at the wall...


she is going to San Antonio to see The Police in November, bitches!

Freaking awesome. And two days after my birthday, so, The Man couldn't very well plead poverty, now, could he?

Thank you, honey; he's - I mean, IT'S - just what I've always wanted.

OG brought this home from school on Friday:

I just visited the modern art section at the Blanton today, and I think that this bears interpreting:

  • The Big Fat Lady who wants to take over the world: America.
  • Her red and white face: A reminder of the Native American blood we spilled.
  • The crosses on her arms: An allusion to those deaths, and the current deaths in Iraq.
But, I can't decide what the bruise on her leg means. Let's take a poll!

  • A rug burn from America's continual blowjobs to stupid defense contractors
  • The kick in the shins we got from Fidel Castro, that we stupidly obsess over
  • Internal hemorrhaging from dissent from the stupid hippies
  • The artist's self-critique for the unintended marker blob
  • It's you! You're stupid!


Anonymous said...

Dave T says...

OK, I would have never cast my vote for "stupid hippies" if I had known i was the only person voting.

Now I feel so mean and Republican about things.

Lee said...

You forgot the conclusion to the "I Spy" game: Daddy, giggling so hard he nearly shot beer out his nose.

La Turista said...

OMG - I love the I Spy bit. And I hear "Sissy" around here so much, I think people must assume it's actually somebody's name.

Bookhart said...

This is exactly why Wonder Boy and OG get along so well.