Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I would LOVE to tell you about things like MY NEW CAR and how I HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK next week.

However, that would also involve telling you about how the OG knocked a full beer (mine) onto my laptop, and about how the prognosis for said laptop is iffy at best, and that due to this incredibly expensive mishap, I am sans computer for the time being, and have to share the desktop with The Man, who is most inconveniently "working" when I want to be blogging.

Anyway, it's over at Happy Mac for some CPR. I'm hoping there is life in it yet.

In the meantime, ponder the fact that my clunker has officially been cashed, and that I am now the proud owner of this:

Yes, it's a HYBRID. I am so frackin' thrilled, and promise not to be smug.

What is upsettingly to me, personally, it's also my first non-American car. I feel very bad about this - I was UAW born and bred, and pretty much figured I'd be UAW dead. But, crap, this is a hybrid car that costs well under $20,000...and the dealership is within walking distance of my house!

The Man and I talked about it, and bared our bleeding hearts to each other, and decided to go for it in a moment of quick decision-making. (Well, actually, he had no idea I was doing it, until I called him from the dealership saying "I've got my pen poised above my checkbook; should I buy a car?")

In the end, I figure that this may be our only foreign car we buy. By the time we're in the market for another car, American hybrids will probably have caught up in price and mileage. I bet a Chevy Volt will be in our driveway in five years.

But, I'd be lying if I said I did not l-o-o-o-ve it.


Badger said...

Dude! Congrats on the new car! And a HYBRID! I am jealous. Even though I love my badass minivan, I swears I do.

DH and I have had the conversation about how our next car probably won't be 'Murican and how that PAINS US SO. I grew up in UAW country too, yo, and have only owned American cars so far. But that concept has become somewhat meaningless, given that the parts are manufactured all over the damn place now. So don't feel guilty, and I won't, either.

Shannon T said...

Yes...yes........Honda....join the darkside!! (rubbing hands together maliciously)...Muh ha ha! Seriously, I've been driving Hondas exclusively since I was 16. You couldn't ask for a better car. Plus, about 95% of it is made in Ohio somewheres....

stacey r. said...

When I knocked a beer into my husband's laptop it was covered by my homeowner's insurance. Mr. Notebook was able to recover most of the data.
Luv the car.

Karla said...

When America makes a car I want to buy, I'll buy it. But there are very few American cars i find interesting or worthwhile.

First car was a Corvair, by the way. Went to Honda and then Subaru thereafter. I don't regret it. That corvair left its guts on the road somewhere between Houston and Austin....it liked to leave droppings.

Don't feel guilty, I bet most of your car was made in Tennessee anyhow.