Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stop the Presses!

Molly has been found! And she's alive!

Last night, after a nice gathering over at Clark and Milena's house, The Man and I were just retiring when I thought to look at the answering machine. And, lo, due to OG's signs that I dutifully went with her to hang up (though privately did not feel would help,) there was a phone message sayin that she has been in a backyard, a few houses down.

The Man and I wasted no time in running over there, and when there was no answer to my tentative tapping at the door, I went around to their back fence, as nobody appeared to be home. And, when I heard Molly meow feebly back to me, I totally trespassed and barged into their backyard. (And, that's when I found out that they WERE home. And very nice, thankfully.)

I will not lie to you; she did not look good. She had clearly not eaten or drank anything in four days, and flies had laid eggs in her fur. I rushed her up to the emergency room - and waited for a good hour in a room that was conservatively, oh, 55 degrees - and left her there overnight after they evaluated her.

The good news is that the fly eggs hadn't hatched yet - oh, and can I just say, EWWWWWW? - but, they were JUST about to. They shaved all of those off, and gave her a pill to kill anything else.

The report this morning is that she's eaten a little bit, and is more or less stable, but still needs a lot of care.

Wow; who would have thunk it possible? I must give OG big snaps when she wakes up.

For the record, it's 6:30 A.M. right now, thanks to being woken up by the idiot puppy; I made it home at 2:30 last night. But, despite the lack of sleep, and still more or less unfavorable prognosis for my cat, OG gave me a good gift.

Happy Mother's Day, y'all.


Karla May said...

Wow. This has been a soap opera!! I'm glad she's home.

I had a cat who lived for 16 years and always--ALWAYS--nursed on my shirts when I held her. And she hated every living thing but me and my mom. Sounds a bit like Molly girl...

Happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

It's a Mother's Day Miracle!!!

OG definitely deserves major Kudos tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Great news! When my Mom's missing cat showed up she had the hatched eggs, mangets! Those strange putty-cats can really cause a lot of stress. My moody Cordelia does for me.


Bookhart said...

Amazing. I wish her a full recovery.

a beer sort of girl said...

Sorry about Molly, that's just not fun. I just had to stop & say that your blog is hilarious, and I definitely will be back more often!

Lee said...

Asked for comment, Molly said, "Reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated. Now fuck off."